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09 December 2019William Hogarth 1697-1764
11 November 2019The Roaring Twenties: Art, Design and High Society
14 October 2019Sir Stamford Raffles
09 September 2019The Wallace Collection, The Frick Collection and their connection with Knole
08 July 2019Imperial Calcutta: Arts and Architecture
10 June 2019Bloomsbury Group Designs and "Designs"
13 May 2019ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – 19.30 pm followed by Craftsmanship and Sensuality: Gustav Klimt and Vienna Secession
11 March 2019Nomadic Textiles of Central Asia
11 February 2019Women Behind the Lens
14 January 2019Constable - The Father of Modern Painting
10 December 2018In The Kingdom of the Sweets (all about The Nutcracker)
12 November 2018The King’s New Armour: A Renaissance Art-Form in England
08 October 2018Hadrian Man of Mystery
10 September 2018Dame Zaha Hadid

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William Hogarth 1697-1764 Linda Smith Monday 09 December 2019

Hogarth is nowadays mostly remembered as a talented satirist, but there is much more to him than that.  He was extremely ambitious is other artistic fields, including portraiture, history painting, and art theory.  He was also a tireless self-promotor and entrepreneur, with a real and practical concern for the status of his profession.  This talk tracks his career from humble copper-plate engraver to successful painter, showing a wide variety of images which demonstrate his exceptional originality and inventiveness.  Above all, however, it is his unparallelled eye for absurdity and human weakness which not only tells us so much about his own times, but gives us food for thought about our own.


Linda Smith is a well-qualified art historian with a broad range of knowledge. She has a special interest in British art, and the art of the twentieth century. 

Linda offers illustrated talks, presentations and study days on a variety of art-historical topics, and has taken on various types of assignment at a wide range of venues, including public galleries, secondary schools, universities, cruise liners, and private arts societies in the UK and overseas. She is an accredited Arts Society lecturer, and an experienced gallery guide, especially at Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London, where she regularly gives private tours and lectures. 

Linda will soon be appearing in a series of short films for London Art Studies (, an award-winning online learning platform for art lovers.